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Sam Beadle – Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK wig maker extraordinaire!

sam beadle wigs - former CTG student

THINKING about a career in hair? You just never know where training with Central Hairdressing will take you! In the first of a series of blogs we chat to some past Central Training Group trainees and apprentices who have gone on to achieve more than they ever thought possible. First up – Sam Beadle, wig maker extraordinaire!


What is your business called and what do you do?

Sam: I have two businesses. First is Peluca Studio which specialises in hand made wigs and hand painted makeup for mannequins for the display industry.

My second business is shared with my partner and is called House of Peluca. It is a drag supply store selling everything from wigs, eyelashes etc to drag queens and kings.

What made you first want to go into hairdressing?

Sam: I had a passion for hair and colouring and would experiment with my own hair from a young age. I felt it was something that could really feed my creativity.

Why did you choose Central Training Group and how was your time there?

Sam: After trying another place I settled on Central because I wanted to go to a college that specialised in just hairdressing and Central turned out to be a great fit for me. I had a brilliant relationship with my tutors who were so helpful. I completed my level 2 and 3 hairdressing and also level 2 barbering which has been so useful.

What was your stand out moment in your training?

Sam: When I competed in and was a regional winner in the Central Photographic competition.

Sam Beadle wigs

Where does your love of wigs come from?

Sam: I started doing drag when I was still at Central and it’s where my passion for wigs comes from. When I started, there wasn’t much of a selection when it came to wigs so I would buy them from shops and then style them myself!

Is it hard to make wigs and why do you love it so much?

Sam: It is a skill that takes years to learn. With the mannequin wigs the hair is glued onto a cap that we have made to fit the specific head. So techniques are different for each style as the hair is always glued differently. Each wig takes lots of planning and preparation but the creativity is what I love. That and the fact I get to meet some amazing and interesting people.

A-Whora - Ru Paul Drag Race UK contestant - Wig designed by Sam Beadle

What are some of your favourite stand out wigs that you have created?

Sam: For House of Peluca it would have to be creating multiple wigs for Bimini, Tayce and A’Whora for Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK on the BBC. We did one for Bimini that was a huge structured peanut shaped wig. For A’Whora we created a wig inspired by a Ru Paul wig from the 1980’s – huge with a nest of blonde tendrils that almost defied gravity. And for Tyce, we made a sandy coloured mullet that she wore for her beach look and also a giant 60’s beehive. All of these looks were created not just by me but my fantastic team.

What advice would you give someone wanting to have a career like yours?

Sam: Be prepared to put the work in. Education is great, but passion and determination are essential. It can be tedious work but you are always learning. Invest in courses, diversify your skill set and NEVER give up! Be bold, try new things – think of things that other people have not done before.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Sam: I’m happy with how things are going at Peluca Studio. World domination would be great but joking aside, I would really like to branch out into mannequin renovation and repair in the future.

For House of Peulca, as a new business, we would like to grow to become one of the main studio’s in the UK for drag supplies and custom wig styling.

You can check out Peluca Studio and House of Peluca on on Instagram at:

Or visit the websites:

Want to start a career in hair?

If you are interested in a career in hair, why not come and train with us? We have loads of apprenticeships and traineeships ready to start at excellent salons around the country. Give us a call today on 0800 783 2901 to find out about your options.

We have hair courses for all levels and needs. Starting from traineeships to level 2 and 3 apprenticeships. We offer courses to young people and adults alike. What’s more, when you are placed with one of our top salons for your hair apprenticeship, you will receive a monthly salary! That’s right, you get to earn whilst you learn!

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