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Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Apprenticeship

Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Apprenticeship

Are you struggling with deciding your next step in education when you leave school or college? Do you know whether you want to carry on in further education or head directly to the workforce? If you choose an apprenticeship, it might give you the best of both worlds! But what are apprenticeships?

What Are Apprenticeships?

When you start an apprenticeship, you will be able to combine work and study. You will get paid by an employer in the industry you want to work in and gain on-the-job skills and experience to boost your CV.


Read below to discover the key benefits of apprenticeships and why they might be a good choice for you.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

1. You’ll Get Paid for Your Work and the time you study

When you choose an apprenticeship, you can start earning wages right away. Your new employer will pay for your on-the-job training, and you’ll get an apprenticeship salary!

2. Gain Skills and Experience that will Impress Employers

An apprenticeship will allow you to start building up the skills and experience you need to succeed in the industry. You’ll get tons of practical experience in your chosen field which will look great on your CV.

Young people who go into apprenticeships will be armed with lots of real-world experience to write on application forms when they are ready to progress at the end of the apprenticeship.

3. There are Different Apprenticeship Levels

There are tons of different apprenticeship opportunities out there. Employers offer different levels of training and study for people leaving school at the age of 16, to college students and university graduates.

There are even apprenticeships for people who have been working other jobs and want a career change. Regardless of your educational background and aspirations, there’s an entry-level appropriate for you when you choose an apprenticeship!

4. Get Trained without Incurring Debt

Continuing full-time education is a great choice for many, but if you are worried about the debt involved, an apprenticeship is something to think about. One of the benefits of apprenticeships is that you start earning money and receive training at no cost.

5. It’s A Change from The Classroom

If you are looking for a change of scene, entering the workplace directly can be refreshing! If you do not thrive in a classroom, you might find that getting to work right away is better suited to your personality and strengths. Plus you will be supported by your colleagues and tutors, so won’t end up feeling like you have jumped in the deep end.

6. Learn from the professionals

On-the-job training will let you learn directly from people who have been on the job for years. You’ll get a working knowledge of the best ways to approach things, how to deal with customers and what you should avoid.

7. Lots of Different Choices

Nowadays, finding an apprenticeship that matches your interests is very easy. As well as more traditional job sectors, you’ll find hairdressing, web development, social media & digital marketing positions, and music & TV work.

8. Start Making Connections

Choose an apprenticeship and get a jump start on meeting the right people and making connections within the industry. One of the key benefits of an apprenticeship is that you can build up knowledge from colleagues and your employer while you train.

People are an incredible resource when building your career. Connect with suppliers, trainers, and people in other companies, and found good business relationships that will help you in the future.

9. Get Started Doing What You Love!

If you are raring to go and get started doing what you love, then an apprenticeship is perfect. You’ll wake up each morning excited to get to work and pursue your passion!

10. Stand Out From The Crowd

When it’s time to start applying for your next job, the skills and experience you have been able to gain will make you stand out. Whereas other job seekers may only have subject theory, you have practical experience, references, and a working knowledge of the industry.

Takeaway – Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship can be a great choice for you if you want to gain practical experience right away. But before you jump in remember to weigh all your options and discuss your choice with those closest to you. Once you have made your choice, get started searching, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect apprenticeship.


You can find out even more about apprenticeships in general at www.apprenticeships.gov.uk

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