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Starting a new career and becoming an apprentice in your 30s

Starting a new career at any age can be daunting, but becoming an apprentice in your 30s is an option, and you’ll get paid whilst you learn. Tyler Peters, our former hairdressing apprentice ensured that through hard work and dedication he was swiftly on the road to success.

Having worked in PR and social media management, Tyler decided he wasn’t happy and decided at the age of 31 on a career change.

“I created a mood board full of things that made me happy… It included films, food, stationery, my nieces, art and cutting hair.”

He decided, after narrowed down his list, that hairdressing was his best option as he enjoyed the craft of cutting hair and believed it offered him the chance to create a brand and legacy.

The road to becoming an apprentice in your 30s

“I always enjoyed working with hair ever since I cut my sister’s hair when I was four-years- old! At university I would always be the one shaving everyone’s head and my own hair required quite a lot of work.”

As soon as he realised he wanted to make hair his career, Tyler reached out and spoke to those he admired within the industry. He found everyone friendly and supportive which made him feel happy about his new career choice.

“Everyone in the industry is so supportive and helpful,” he added. “That made me feel very happy about working in the industry.”

Kevin Luchmun, a renowned barber, mens stylist and multiple hairdressing and barbering award winner, was an early mentor and supporter as was Joe Mills who employed Tyler to work at Joe and Co. barbershop in Soho.

Gaining his Qualifications in Barbering

While he was working at Joe and Co. Tyler completed his NVQ level 2 barbering award with us, and also went on to finally achieve a recognised maths qualification. He said:
“I failed my maths exam twice while at school so it is a credit to the Central Hair Academy team that I finally passed and now have something to show for it.”
After perfecting his hairdressing skills whilst working as an assistant at Blue Tit in Dalston, Tyler did several trade tests and was offered a job in August 2017 at Ruffians in Shoreditch. Yet again, Tyler’s choice of workplace was influenced by his admiration for Tommy Cunliffe who manages the Shoreditch branch of Ruffians. He said:
“I really like Tommy’s approach to managing the salon and since I have been here, I‘ve created lots of looks for both men and women. For me there is a gender fluidity with hair so, as long as someone is after short hair, I’m happy to help.”
Tyler started his career training with us at Central Hairdressing Academy in London as an adult learner (CTG adult training). We offer traineeships and apprenticeships in Hairdressing and Barbering, as well as in Business Administration and Digital Marketing. See all of our courses here.
Tyler Peters - becoming an apprentice in your 30s

Hairdressing and Barbering Career Highlights

Having demonstrated at Barber Connect and the Central/JG photographic competition finals, Tyler’s ‘Salon International’ debut was not his first stage appearance, but it is certainly a career highlight. He was part of the Ruffians Art team who appeared on the Hairdressers Journal Magazine Men’s stage and he loved every second. Watching people flock to the stage to take shots of his models was particularly satisfying. The chance to see other stylists at work also made the event memorable and the Salon experience is one he will treasure.


Tyler made the dramatic career swap from PR to hairdressing and barbering because he wanted to be happy. As such, Tyler’s future career moves will be based once again on the happiness factor.

“In terms of what’s next… I will take into account the three things that make me happy: hair, travel and being around good people.”

The plan to travel is very much linked to Tyler’s desire to learn more about hair in different cultures with a variety of heritages.

“I want to reach a stage in my career where I can literally do hair for anyone from anywhere in the world. I want to be equipped to cut any hair type which, as well as being very satisfying, makes good business sense.”

Thinking of becoming an apprentice in your 30s?

Tyler Peters’ story goes to show that it’s never too late to change your career path.

If you were inspired by Tyler’s story and are considering a career change, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can call us on 800 783 2901, or contact us using via facebook or the contact form on our website: www.centraltraininggroup.com

We can help you gain the confidence, skills and qualifications to get you started on the road to a new career.

The original article can be found in Central Hair Magazine.

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