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‘Multiply Essex’: Free Maths Courses Helping Essex Residents and Businesses Level Up!

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Essex residents now have the chance tackle their math skills with the help of Multiply Essex, a generous funding programme that offers free maths courses.

The Department for Education (DfE) has allocated £270 million to Multiply, an initiative intended to assist adults aged nineteen and over to build up their numeracy skills and secure math qualifications up to the NVQ2 standard (comparable to grades 4 through 9 in the GCSE system, or A* to C). As those without NVQ2 approval frequently lack the opportunity to pursue higher education past that qualification, as well as certain employment prospects, this program represents a much-needed aid.

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Essex County Council have created 14,200 opportunities, divided into three years and featuring personal tutoring, classroom-based learning and online training from partner organizations across all of Essex.

With this program, people can gain the knowledge they need to successfully manage their finances, assist their children with schoolwork and access new employment. It also offers free, flexible courses for those without qualifications, those looking to use tools in daily life and those wanting to work towards full GCSE maths qualification. What’s more, it helps local employers upskill their employees by offering tailored courses to meet their specific needs and industry’s expectations. Ultimately, the initiative truly gives everyone a shot at taking charge of their maths proficiency and unlocking fresh opportunities.

How will 'Multiply Essex' help people?

Essex County Council is committed to helping its residents boost their skills, lower barriers for disadvantaged groups, and enhance local numeracy levels. Latest figures from the Department for Education have revealed that Essex ranks 114th out of 151 local authorities in England for adult numeracy – with 51.2% of 16 to 64 year olds having an NVQ3 or above in maths, a figure significantly lower than the national average of 79.2%. In response, Multiply was initiated to ensure that this important skill gap is addressed. Additionally, these efforts tie into the larger goals outlined in Everyone’s Essex and the Levelling Up strategy.

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The ‘Multiply in Essex’ programme will offer people the opportunity to improve their maths skills to help with everyday situations such as:
• Budgeting and managing the cost of living
• Supporting children with their schoolwork
• Upskilling your workforce or helping people to progress at work
• Empowering people to access new employment opportunities by providing maths support.

Who is the 'Multiply Essex' programme for?

The Multiply in Essex programme is designed with the individual in mind, offering free and flexible courses to meet a variety of needs. Whether you are looking to acquire tools for everyday life, build on existing maths knowledge or gain qualifications up to GCSE level, we have a course to suit your needs. Our aim is to provide an accessible and supportive environment where individuals can improve their mathematical skills and gain the confidence to succeed.

Courses will be delivered in a variety of locations and are flexible and accessible online, by distance learning, or face-to-face sessions. 

Not sure where you need to brush up your skills? Why not try this free 5 minute maths quiz created by Skills for Life to access your level.

When will the programme start?

The programme begun in January 2023, and run for three years. The first round of courses are available to start NOW so get in touch!

What free maths courses are available with Central Training Group?

We have 4 courses available on the ‘Multiply in Essex’ Programme. If you want to learn more or are interested in taking any of these courses, please click on the name of the course which will take you through to the course page.

Multiply in Essex budgeting

Budgeting and managing money

You can budget better and manage the increased cost of living by understanding how prices are calculated, how interest rates work and how mortgages are paid off via monthly payments

Multiply in Essex children

Supporting children with their maths schoolwork

Empower yourself to give your children the support they need when it comes to understanding math. Build and boost your kids’ confidence and help them succeed in their maths schoolwork.

Multiply in Essex develop

Empowering people to access new employment opportunities by providing maths support

You will have the opportunity to access new employment opportunities with companies that require a certain level of numeracy or literacy.

Multiply in Essex employer

Upskilling your workforce and helping people to progress at work

Help your employees develop their numeracy skills, boost productivity, increase profits and improve employee morale and retention.

Math proficiency is an invaluable skill that can support individuals in a multitude of ways. From budgeting and managing living expenses to helping parents guide their children with schoolwork, having the right mathematical skills can open up numerous doors. It can even empower people to access new job opportunities and advance in their current positions. Ultimately, honing this particular set of skills could be the key to achieving greater financial stability and success in life.

If you feel like you could benefit from one of these courses, get in touch!

How do I apply to the ‘Multiply in Essex’ programme?

Central Training Group’s ‘Multiply in Essex’ programme provides a great opportunity to help improve your numeracy skills. We have the necessary resources and helpful staff to get you started on the path to success.

To access these services, please contact us:


Don’t wait any longer- take action and make use of this amazing opportunity to take your learning further!

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