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I am a school leaver and I’ve chosen the wrong course

The pressure to choose a course that will start you on the career path to your dream job is enormous. You’ve had a lot to think about! From mock GCSEs and your actual GCSEs to choosing between 6th Form, Further Education College or starting an Apprenticeship.

You may have made your choice for your future career by yourself, with your parents or been influenced by what your friends are doing. You might have been be happy with your choice when you made it earlier this year, but now…

I think I've chosen the wrong course

Maybe you thought that it would be good to return with your friends to college or 6th Form, but now, after so many months away from school, you are finding it difficult to settle back in. When you are not at school you may feel that you think and act differently, maybe more mature, grown up?

After starting your course, you may be thinking “I have made a mistake”, “This subject is just not for me”, “I really thought I wanted to do A levels but this isn’t what I expected”, “I’ve chosen the wrong course for me”, or “I’m stuck, there’s nothing I can do”. These are all very natural and common feelings and it’s important to talk it out with friends, family and teachers.

However, sometimes it helps to talk to someone outside of your circle. You can speak to us about your course concerns and we will be happy to give you unbiased advice.

Don’t worry, if you do feel like you’ve chosen the wrong course, we can also speak to you about changing courses, moving to a different college or training provider, and Apprenticeship employment. By talking to us you are not making a commitment, we just want you to make the best decision for you, whether that’s staying where you are, or choosing to train with us. You can always apply to us at the end of your current course if you like.

Did you know that you can complete an Apprenticeship from Level 2 to Level 6, which is equivalent to a university degree. So going down the apprenticeship route, getting paid while you learn, and not accruing thousands of pounds of Student Loans debt, doesn’t limit your Higher Education aspirations, if you have them.

I think I have chosen the wrong vocational area

It can be difficult to make the decision for the right course, you may have thought you should stick to an academic route but you just don’t enjoy it. Perhaps you are thinking that a practical subject that is ‘hands-on’ like hairdressing or beauty is more your style? Sometimes, a course sounds exciting but you have never done that course before and now that you have started you realise it was the wrong choice.

Perhaps you have already started an Apprenticeship but you chose the wrong one?

Do not worry, we all make mistakes, it’s not too late to change any of these. Here are just some of the apprenticeship course options available to you. Get in touch and let us help you.

chosen the wrong course? Unrecognizable teenage students in high school hall.

What should I think about?

You will also need to think about whether you are ready for apprenticeship employment. Being employed as an apprentice means that you have a contract of employment and make a commitment to work around 35-40 hours per week with a minimum of 28 days holiday that can include Bank Holidays. This is a massive change from school or college but the best thing is you will be paid to learn! 16-17 year old apprentices earn £4.15 an hour, rising to £6.45 once you turn 19. Plus they’re not burdened with the heavy debts that come with going to university.


The main thing to consider is the career that you are working towards, if you do not know what job/career you want to do in the future, then gaining general qualifications that can be used in a wide range of jobs is the best bet. Professional apprenticeships such as business administration, customer service or digital marketing will give you a good base to start from and can open opportunities in many fields.

If your plan after GCSEs was to work towards going to university then, although you can complete a Level 3 programme at college or through an apprenticeship, it could be that the main route to your planned degree is for you to complete A levels at 6th Form or college. So please think carefully and seek advice. If you are unhappy you should speak to your teacher.

Let us help you

If you feel like you’ve chosen the wrong course, contact us at Central Training Group on 0800 783 2901 or contact us via our contact form at www.centraltraininggroup.com/contact and speak to one of our learner advisors.

At Central we run specialist professional apprenticeships in a range of vocational areas and if you did not do as well as you hoped with your GCSE English and maths you do not need to worry, we can help you to improve these areas and achieve a Level 2 Functional Skill alongside your paid training.

You may think that because you’ve chosen the wrong course, you have to wait until next September to start an apprenticeship. Well you don’t! At Central you can start at any time throughout the year. We work with hundreds of fantastic employers who are brilliant at helping young people to progress in the workplace and their career.

If you are not sure whether an apprenticeship is for you then you could start one of our short traineeship programmes that are a brilliant way to experience working with an employer whilst learning before you commit to formal employment.

We can chat with you and help you to decide the right learning programme for the career you would like to start. This may not be with Central but we are happy to refer you to one of our partners if they have the perfect programme for you.

Start today!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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