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Supporting Employers Who are New to the Apprenticeship Service

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From 1st April 2021 all new apprenticeships will be managed and funded using the apprenticeship service. All employers hiring apprentices will need to have an apprenticeship service account in order to access funding.

As trusted advisors to employers, training providers have an important role to play in helping employers who are new to the apprenticeship service.

Central Training Group have been helping employers as training providers since the 1980’s. Contact us on 0800 783 2901, and we will help you navigate the apprentice system.


There are many resources available to employers interested in funding for apprentices:

  • The YouTube playlist ‘Using the apprenticeship service’ is a collection of simple, how-to videos.
  • apprenticeships.gov.uk contains all the answers to questions frequently asked by potential apprentices and employers.
  • The employer zone is also a useful tool. It features simple explanations regarding how to get funding, how to hire an apprentice and what training involves.
  • These help articles provide straightforward advice on how to use the apprenticeship service.
  • This webinar playlist on YouTube is home to a series of deep-dive sessions covering topics from funding rules to end-point assessments. Any videos starting with ‘Employers: …’ are the most relevant to you.

Get in touch for further information

With our years of experience helping young people and employers, we at Central are best positioned to help you find the best apprentice or trainee for your business. Get in touch with us via our contact form, or give us a call on 0800 783 2901.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0800 783 2901

Contact us: https://centraltraininggroup.com/contact/

See the full government document here.

Ever Considered Hiring a Trainee or Apprentice?

Do you have a long list of goals you want to achieve, while setting your team up for the future? Hiring an apprentice will set you on the right path.

An Apprentice can help your business in a number of ways. As well as adding resource for some of your functions, apprenticeships can set the tone for the learning and development in your organisation.

Apprentices increase productivity in a business by £214 a week on average (according to the CEBR). 

That’s over £11,000 a year. 

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